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     Annatto furniture and general furniture differ somewhat, it xuan Yin is wet, avoid is dry, reason annatto furniture is unfavorable especially get insolate, avoid by all means air conditioning blows to furniture. The annatto board face of annatto furniture is crisp commonly, if desktop, chair face. To often pay attention to prevent bruises and cracks, if in the use or move, found that the tenon on the place of the force, must be used after re-gluing seal. Annatto furniture is used commonly age is longer, so often want to protect good furniture surface coating at ordinary times, every three months, with a few wax examine, not only increase furniture beautiful, and protect woodiness. Prevent alcohol, banana water and other solvents to contact mahogany furniture. Otherwise the furniture surface will grow "scar". When encountering furniture surface is stained with bilge, want to use light soapy water to wash, after dry, wax again, in order to restore original appearance, but avoid by all means is mixed with the solvent sex liquid such as gasoline, kerosene, turpentine oil brush, can wipe the coating of the surface and lacquer burnish otherwise.

   The furniture that USES rosewood, red acerbity wood, stripe ebony, chicken wing wood to wait for red to make leaves expensive elegance, the welcome that gets consumer deeply. But the material of annatto is qualitative hard density is big, after log saw, the dry period of plank is longer, want to eliminate the stress inside lumber completely, need 3-5 years commonly time. To reduce the craze that annatto furniture causes because of dry shrink is out of shape, after consumer is buying annatto furniture, should notice to maintain.




    Appreciate classic furniture, big general appreciate the beauty of its modelling, the beauty of adornment, the beauty of material quality. The beauty of modelling, especially the modelling of bright type furniture is simple and easy, concise and round, natural and fluent, comfortable and practical, proportion is appropriate, the modelling of outline stretches the modelling of type furniture is luxurious style, pursuit rich graph, pay attention to kit qiao, style is changeful, bodily form is massiness. The beauty of adornment, bright type furniture is characteristic with concise, basically it is line form structure adornment passes extremely rich line form change, and with face perfect union, make furniture elegance beautiful beautiful beautiful, make a person is pleasing to the eye. Linear adornment basically use in furniture legs, borders and Cheng son, through surface is flat, convex, concave, namely, Yin line, Yang line between different combination, the formation of different geometric section, according to the plane line of Yang line, Yin line, can be divided by line to line and line, curve, according to the style lines to Yang and rush, joss stick line belt line, melon ridge, jian ridge, knead horn line, change the bamboo circle, etc. There are many kinds of threads, but they are all deformed between square (including rectangular) circles (including ellipses).

     Besides line, bright type furniture still USES carve, enchase and accessory component to wait to decorate. Qing style furniture pursuit of luxury, style, decoration to carving, inlaid primarily, carved, inlaid with gold inlaid with jade. The beauty of classic furniture modelling, the beauty of adornment is to have namely when lumber makes it furniture, pass how many years, want furniture to still be complete only, did not destroy, can appreciate at any time, and no matter be huanghua pear or red sandalwood or what kind of material is qualitative be the same as. The beauty of material is different, material is different the feeling of beauty is different, material is colorful when a few national treasures huanghualu wood and rosewood, huanghualu wood natural beauty, wood texture dense hard, elegant and bright color, texture clear and fluent, vivid and changeable, or hidden or show, natural beauty, have ornamental. But in the long years, did not see furniture place place region is different, by the position that place puts is different, suffer the influence of dry and damp of blight drying is different, the caretaking course of host
Maintenance and maintenance of furniture

(1) the position that annatto furniture is put indoors, should be far from the place with stronger air flow such as doorway, window, tuyere.Not to be exposed to the sun. (2) do not put it near the heating system in winter;Avoid by all means indoor temperature is overheated, with the person wears sweater to feel comfortable indoors commonly advisable. (3) spring and autumn and winter, to keep the indoor air is not dry, appropriate to use humidifier spray;Raising fish and flowers indoors can also adjust the humidity of indoor air.Note, do not live for a long time inside the bedroom of the person, if put annatto furniture, cause lumber to shrink easily deformation. (4) the summer period comes, to often open air conditioning drainage, reduce the moisture absorption of wood expansion, to avoid the structural parts of the wet expansion deformation and slit. (5) want to keep furniture neat, the dishcloth that can use shade to do daily is wiped dirt, unfavorable use chemical brightness agent, lest paint film becomes sticky damage.In order to maintain the brightness of the paint film, the walnut meat can be crushed to remove the skin, and then with three layers of gauze covering, make oil wipe.After mahogany surface oil, reoccupy gauze goes oil polish. (6) the top of the furniture, the bottom and so on did not go up lacquer or paint film thin place, but oneself besmear beeswax or household wax, then electric blower flow level.Protect the wood and reduce cracking. (7) the face plate of stage kind annatto furniture, in order to protect paint film not to be scratched, in order to want to show lumber grain, place thick vitreous board on mesa commonly, and in vitreous board with Wooden mesa is separated by a small suction pad.It is not recommended to use transparent polyethylene crystal board.

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